Episode #8: A Sober Christmas

And we’re back with a new podcast episode!

This week, we talked about holiday kits. We covered our favorite kits, how to best incorporate new products, surprise finds, etc. We also confessed about some of our misguided purchases of the past and mused about…. butthole tanning??

Products we talked about: Dermstore holiday kits, Lip Smackers, Sephora next big thing in skincare kits, and more

Drink of the day: water… saving celebration mode for our last episode of the year

Today’s fun animal fact is all about koalas. Yes, we’re going mainstream this week to give good old cuddly bug koalas a shoutout. Check out one of our favorite youtube channels for animal fact inspirations!

Next week will be our end of year special episode. We will recap all the crazy things we’ve done in the past year and celebrate! So send any of your end of year questions our way.

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