Episode #7: Dry and Sober-ish

Welcome back to the latest episode! We apologize for episode 6s sound quality… it has been fixed so please give it a listen if you’re curious about our take on oily skin.

Today’s all about that dry skin! In this episode, Gloria shares her past moisturizing mistakes, her favorite ingredients, and what actives work/don’t work for her. We also talked about new finds in skincare, key ingredients to pay attention to if you have oily skin, our own confessions, and more!

Products we talked about: Neutrogena’s hydro boost and bright boost, Shu Uemura oil cleanser, The Better Oil, etc.

P.S. Victoria booted Gloria from fun animal fact duty after her monogamous parasitic worms story 😅 so today we’re back to the more cuddly side of things. Check out the adorably expressive palla’s cat

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