Episode #12: A Chat About Acids Over Coffee…Beer!

With coffee-infused beers in hand, the chemists, Gloria and Victoria, go through a review of chemical exfoliating acids: AHAs, BHA, and PHAs! It’s a whole alphabet party to help everyone obtain/maintain that smooth, glowing skin. Additionally, they also discuss the latest skincare news, share their acid mishaps, answer some questions, and admire the very grumpy looking harpy eagle.

Products we talked about: The new men’s skincare line, Disco, Dr. Wu’s Mandelic, Nip + Fab 5% Glycolic Pads, and other AHA products!

Drink of the day: UCC’s Black Coffee Beer

This week’s fun animal fact: Harpy Eagle! Gloria marvels at their feather bed-head look and sloth diet. (photo credits: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen)

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